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Will Your Invisalign Be Quick In Revealing The Results?


Be it any new treatment methodology that you are trying your hands upon, one of the firsts that occurs to you is: When can I see the results? Very few of us have the patience to start off with a procedure, simply concentrate on its proper application, and wait patiently for the results. Contrarily, we tend to judge a procedure by the tentative time it could take to yield effective results. If the treatment takes long or involves several dental visits, people think twice before going in for the same!

Let us jump straight to the question: How long will an Invisalign take to straighten your teeth? Firstly, there are various factors that determine the answer to this question. in the discussion below, we will get an overview of the determinant factors.

First, every individual is different. The rate at which your teeth will move into the right alignment depends on many factors, like:

  • The shape of your jaw,
  • The condition of your gums,
  • Your genetics, and
  • Your diet too.

Although there is no one single timetable that everyone can use for Invisalign, an average time period can be determined considering the general cases. On average, it usually takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for the teeth to move into the correct position.Most people may start noticing some movement within the first two months after getting their first set of aligner trays.

The effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment also depends upon what type of issue of your dental health being addressed by the treatment. For different issues, the duration required is different:

Crowded teeth: As far as crowded teeth are concerned, for orthodontists, it is a minor issue and an Invisalign would hardly take about 6 months to reverse the condition.

Gap in between teeth: Unwanted gaps in between teeth scare your smile in a nasty way. However, gaps are dealt with, by Invisaligners more easily and quickly. It takes about as little as merely 8 weeks to correct the issue. But, gaps tend to reform very easily, after the device is taken off. Therefore, it is crucial to use retainers after the period of Invisalign use is over.

To straighten teeth: To correct the overall alignment of your teeth an invisalign takes about the full span of time, that is 12 months approximately.

A comparison between the effectiveness of Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces:

In this post, we will highlight certain points that would clearly distinguish between the use of an Invisalign and that of traditional braces.

1. Invisalign is quicker – Traditional metal braces are known to take an average of two years (24 months) to yield full results whereas, Invisalign works in half that time!

2. Invisalign is more convenient to use – Traditional braces are uncomfortably visible whenever you smile and also a constant source of concern for as long as you out them on. Invisalign aligner trays are removable, implying that you can take them out to eat, brush, speak in public, etc. Although you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, yet, it’s nice to have the option of removing them.

3. Aligner trays are somewhat prone to breaks. But braces on the other hand, stand chances to have the wire snap on a set of metal braces or have a bracket fall off! This means an additional visit to the orthodontist.

4. Traditional braces require you to alter your diet. Certain foods such as the sticky ones need to be avoided as they tend to get trapped in between the brackets and braces are difficult to be removed. Aligners can be easily taken off when you wish to go for the foods of your choice!

A study on the Evaluation of Invisalign treatment effectiveness and efficiency compared with conventional fixed appliances has revealed that both Invisalign and fixed appliances were able to improve the malocclusion. Invisalign patientsfinished treatment faster than did those with fixed appliances. However, it appears that Invisalign may not be as effective as fixed appliances in achieving “great improvement in a malocclusion.

To cut it short, most individuals consider Invisalign because they like the idea of being able to remove their retainers. However, many patients don’t realize that Invisalign trays must be worn for 22-23 hours per day every day to be effective. The very option of being ‘removable’ makes people careless and they end up wearing it for a shorter period of time. This adversely affects its effectiveness. So, how long your Invisalign will take more depends upon how carefully you use it and how serious your issue is rather than the efficacy of the device itself.