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Laser Whitening

$500 Laser Teeth Whitening

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Regular Fee: $920

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Laser Whitening in Irving, TX

Are you tired of feeling like your smile is lacking its sparkle? Do you wish you could dazzle everyone with your pearly whites? Well, fear not because laser teeth whitening is here to save the day (and your smile)! It's like giving your teeth a VIP treatment with a laser light show. So sit back, relax, and let the power of lasers brighten your day (and teeth)!

Laser whitening is a popular teeth whitening procedure that uses laser technology to brighten and lighten your smile. It offers fast, safe results with minimal tooth sensitivity while helping restore your teeth' natural color. The process starts by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth, which are then activated by a special laser light. The laser light helps to speed up the chemical reaction of the gel, allowing it to penetrate deep into the enamel of your teeth for maximum whitening results. During this treatment at Dental Artistry, you can expect immediately visible changes in your smile and longer-lasting effects compared to other traditional whitening methods.

Facts - Laser Whitening in Irving, TX

Facts - Laser Whitening in Irving, TX

Facts About Laser Whitening

  • Laser whitening uses the power of a laser to target and break down stains on teeth.
  • It is a fast, effective, and safe procedure.
  • The process can be completed in one session of about three-quarters of an hour.
  • The laser's intensity depends on how discolored your teeth are.
  • It can provide some patients immediate results after just one treatment session.
  • Teeth typically become at least 4-8 shades whiter in one treatment session but may vary from patient to patient depending on their original coloring.
  • Patients do not experience pain during or after the procedure as it is non-invasive and does not require local anesthetic for most people.

Why Choose Laser Whitening?

  • It's Safe: Our laser teeth whitening procedure is non-invasive and causes no damage to your teeth or gums. 
  • It's Effective: Our state-of-the-art laser technology can whiten your teeth in just one session. Say goodbye to multiple appointments and days of waiting for results.
  • It's Efficient: Our laser teeth whitening procedure is designed to remove even the most stubborn stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, and other factors. In just one visit, you'll leave Dental Artistry Irving with a noticeably whiter and brighter smile.
Why Choose - Laser Whitening in Irving, TX

Process Of Laser Whitening

Before laser whitening is carried out, a thorough oral examination needs to be done to assess the condition of the teeth and gums. Once this has been completed, a specialized dental tray is created and fitted to the patient's mouth. This helps keep the teeth in place during treatment.

Once the preparation has been completed, an enamel-safe gel containing hydrogen peroxide will be applied to the teeth for approximately 30 minutes before being activated by either a special light or laser beam – depending on what type of system is used in your clinic. The concentration level can vary depending on how severe staining is present on each individual's teeth, but typically it ranges from 10%-40%.

Laser Whitening in Irving, TX - Dental Artistry

Laser Whitening In Irving

The activation process involves exposing the gel-coated tooth surfaces with specially designed light or laser beams that break down the bleaching agents into smaller molecules that can penetrate deep into each tooth's surface layers, removing stubborn stains quickly and effectively without damaging healthy enamel tissues or irritating gum tissue surrounding them. Depending on how severely stained your teeth are, you may need up to three sessions within one hour for complete whitening results – usually, 20-30 minutes apart (with additional applications as required).

After the sessions, any remaining gel will be wiped away using cotton swabs dipped in water, which helps neutralize any residual chemicals remaining in your mouth post-treatment and clean away excess saliva produced during treatment, too, if necessary—finally leaving behind pearly white smiles!

Did You Know That The Laser Used In The Procedure Doesn't Whiten Your Teeth? Instead, It Activates A Special Whitening Gel Applied To Your Teeth, Which Breaks Down The Stains And Discoloration On Your Teeth. So, The Real Magic Of Laser Teeth Whitening Lies In The Gel, Not The Laser Itself!

Enhancing The Way You Smile

Looking for dental help? Our dental team is always ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


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Q: How long will the results last?

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Q: How often can I get laser teeth whitening?


Once you get the procedure, practicing certain restrictions and following a routine is essential, or your teeth can get discolored very easily.
Regular brushing help maintains tooth whiteness after laser whitening. Brushing twice daily with a soft-bristled brush can help remove plaque buildup that could dull the whitened teeth. Additionally, be sure to use an ADA (American Dental Association) approved fluoride toothpaste, which helps prevent cavities and adds extra protection against discoloration.

The dentists at Dental Artistry advise avoiding certain foods and drinks as they may cause staining of your newly whitened teeth. These include coffee, tea, wine, berries, soda, sports drinks, or anything with dark pigments. If you do consume any of these items occasionally, our dentists recommend that you drink plenty of water afterward to help rinse away any residue left behind on your teeth from food or beverages consumed before laser whitening treatment.


Do you want to find out more about laser whitening? Call and determine if this treatment is right for you. Our team at Dental Artistry is very friendly and gentle. They will take time to listen to all your queries and consider your opinions. We will make a detailed recommendation about the best choice for your oral health by customizing it to your needs. If you have a discolored smile, we can help you by transforming it into a dazzling one. Schedule an appointment, and let us transform your smile into something as beautiful as you are.

I just recently received treatment for a broken tooth, and I got to say that I have found a dentist for life. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They treat you like family and quite frankly I got to say that I was terrified of going to the dentist always and now I think that I’m very comfortable knowing that I’m in good hands. I would recommend dental artistry to anybody that is looking for a very professional and family environment. Awesome!
Milton Pascua
Not a dentist appointment fan, but here they made sure I felt at ease and comfortable. I had the most comprehensive new-patient exam and left knowing exactly what my options are. 100% recommended! Friendly, client-oriented, professional and knowledgeable staff. They know how to take care of patients who struggle with dental visits.
Karla Pino
To say I was impressed by the extremely thoughtful and professional service is an understatement. I have been to various dentist throughout my life and the women at Dental Artistry surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for a new dentist and you are not a fan of going to one in the first place, look no further. You will feel like you are at home and you will feel that you are cared for--because you are! They even have Netflix to watch on noise-cancelling headphones while you are getting your treatment (in case you don't like the sound of the tools on your teeth).
Valentina Charria
My experience with Dental Artistry has been lovely. All the women that work there are kind, friendly, and professional. After years of avoiding the dentist, I needed to have significant work done. The treatment has been painless and quick.
Jordan Dominguez
You know how you can sometimes be skeptical when you see an overwhelming number of positive reviews on a company's website? Especially when some comments seem too enthusiastic to be true? Well, those are the kind of reviews I was reading on the Dental Artistry site so I decided to drive to their office in Irving to check them out. I was so impressed I signed up for an appointment that very day. Since then I've had some procedures done and am working with them on a plan for my long-term dental care.
Dotty Umphress
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