Don’t you dread going to the dentist? Let’s be honest! Even if you do not have any dental phobia, you are likely to face discomfort from the weird sensations of objects touching your teeth, or even from the weird noises in your mouth.

Sedation dentistry involves the use of laughing gas to help patients relax during dental procedures. What this means is that you don’t have to feel anything while you get treated at the dentist. To elaborate on this matter, the following are the 4 ways in which sedation dentistry can improve your next visit!

1. Anxiety relief

Sedation will help you relax on that chair! You would not be bothered by the procedures at all! It’s almost as if you’re unconscious! Thus, you are also unlikely to pose any kind of resistance with your reflexes. This is a significant benefit since oftentimes, patients do get injured just due to sudden movements while getting treated.

This is why sedation dentistry is amazing for long and complex procedures. You don’t want to be sitting on that chair for too long! Even if you have to, you would not be feeling much at all, thanks to sedation dentistry!

2. More efficient procedures 

Without you posing any resistance, the dentist can also be able to carry on with the dental procedures in a free flow. This makes the procedures much quicker for you, and you don’t have to sit on that chair for as long as you usually do! For the same reason, you may also require fewer appointments to get a particular dental treatment.

3. You can choose your sedation!

Based on what you have to undergo, you can choose how much you would want to be sedated. While nitrous oxide will work as a mild anxiety reliever and help you get over with the dental procedures with minimum stress, oral sedation may just get rid of your anxiety or even make you sleepy. You get to consult with your dentist on which one would best suit the procedure.

On the other hand, intravenous sedation is injected into you and puts you to sleep. You might not even remember visiting the dentist in the first place!

In this context, the American Dental Association (ADA) says:

“Sedation may involve gases that are inhaled, pills that are taken or medicine which is injected. More complex treatments may require deeper sedation to relieve both pain and anxiety. On occasion, general anesthesia may be used to cause a temporary loss of consciousness.”

Sedation dentistry offers you the choice of how much pain and anxiety you want to get rid of! Isn’t that something you’ve always wanted on your dental visits?

4. A nice drive back home!

The effects of most of the sedative drugs do not last very long. When the effects are gone, the dental procedures would also be over. This means that you do not have to return home with weird residual sensations in your mouth that would refrain you from going to the dentist again. You’d leave as joyous as you were when you walked in!

When you do not have the fear of pain and anxiety, you do not have any reasons to go to the dentist either! This is how sedation dentistry facilitates your experience at the dentist and helps you overcome the fears surrounding the next visit!

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