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Sedation Dentistry


Sedation Dentist in Irving, TX

At Dental Artistry, we can perform dental work on patients that are struggling with dental anxiety. If you avoid the dentist due to fear of what a procedure may be like or simply do not enjoy dental work, give us a call. In our Irving dental office, we can ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed, regardless of the dental procedure. When you visit us, we'll have a consultation to discuss what treatments you need and create a plan for how to keep your mouth healthy while easing any fears that you have about dentistry in general. We will keep you informed about the entire process so that you can make decisions regarding dental care without experiencing any anxiety.

Ease Your Fare of Dental Care - Sedation Dentistry in Irving, TX

How can I ease my fears about dental care without medication?

When you visit our dental office, we can discuss ways that you can prevent experiencing anxiety while receiving dental care. Give us a call to go over any and all methods for dealing with dental anxiety that we can offer. In some cases, all a patient needs to do is play music on headphones during the appointment. In other cases, we may need medication or another method to deal with dental anxiety.

How can I prepare for my dentist appointment?

Another easy way to calm your fears is to visit our Irving dental office and meet with Dr. Sri prior to the actual appointment. Taking the time to tour our office, where you can sit in the dentist chair and have a conversation, will allow you to become familiar with our staff and office environment. After this meeting, when you do have your teeth cleaned, you are doing so in an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in with friendly and familiar faces. During your consultation, we can also discuss what you can expect from a teeth cleaning or a specific procedure. This will help you to mentally prepare for how long it will take, what dental tools we will use, what you may feel during the process and what the recovery period will be, if any. At Dental Artistry, we find that the more informed our patients are the more comfortable and relaxed they feel. This one appointment can help to alleviate the fear of dentists that you are experiencing.

Irving Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry CAN Reduce Your Dental Anxiety.

In our Irving dental office, we practice sedation dentistry that can be used to reduce and prevent dental anxiety. Here are some of the questions we are regularly answer about sedation dentistry.

Will I be asleep when sedated?

Typically not. Sleep dentistry is usually reserved for oral surgery and lengthy procedures. Sedation dentistry will help you relax and can make you drowsy, so some patients do nod off. However, with our sedation methods, you are still in control of your body and are technically not put to sleep.

Can everyone use sedation dentistry?

To determine if you are healthy enough for sedation (most people are), we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our Texas dental office. We will meet with you to discuss the type of sedation that will be best for your procedure and the level of dental anxiety that you are experiencing.

Dental Anxiety Treatment - Sedation Dentistry in Irving, TX - Dental Artistry

How is sedation dentistry administered?

The most common form of sedation is taking a pill an hour before the procedure begins. One pill can help you to feel entirely relaxed and eliminate your fear of dentists. Most procedures, like teeth cleaning or fixing a simple cavity, do not necessarily hurt. With sedation, many people do not require additional medication. However, if you would like pain medication as well, we can give it to you after the sedation has taken effect.

Will I be able to move around like normal?

Yes, with sedation dentistry you can continue to engage in conversation and respond to commands; but your response times may be slightly delayed and your mind not as clear as normal. This is why we recommend that you either have someone drive you home or wait until it has worn off completely before driving home after the appointment.

Are there any side effects of sedation dentistry?

Most of the time, the sedation goes away within an hour of your procedure being complete. If you are more heavily sedated or put to sleep for oral surgery, it can take a couple of hours to feel normal but this is rare. In our Irving dental office, we use the least amount of sedation to help you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Thus, it is effective without staying in your system for too long.

Can children benefit from sedation dentistry?

Yes, children may need sedation when going through large amounts of dental work so that they can hold still long enough for a dentist to complete the dental work. This is a unique specialty and not offered at every dentist office.

Alternatives - Sedation Dentistry in Irving, TX

Are there other ways to make dental work more comfortable?

Yes. Laser dentistry is revolutionizing the way we approach dental procedures, promising a more comfortable experience for patients like you. At our dental office, we're dedicated to staying at the forefront of this exciting technology to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

With lasers, we can precisely target small areas without disturbing surrounding tissues, resulting in minimal discomfort during and after your procedure. This means less bleeding, swelling, and faster recovery times compared to traditional methods. Besides, dental lasers are remarkably less invasive, promising a gentler approach to your dental care.

Laser dentistry isn't just about comfort—it's about efficacy too. These advanced tools are incredibly versatile, allowing us to effectively treat a range of dental issues, from tooth decay to gum disease, and even aiding in restorative procedures. And the best part? At Dental Artistry, many patients find that they no longer need sedation or pain medication because the factors that typically trigger dental anxiety—like noise, heat, and vibration from traditional drills—are significantly reduced with lasers.

Ready to discover a new era of dental care? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sri at our Irving dentist office today! Whether you're curious about sedation dentistry, eager to explore new dental technology, or simply seeking relief from dental anxiety, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Give us a call at (469) 656-4025 or visit Dental Artistry Irving take the first step towards a brighter, more confident smile!

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