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Kid's Dentistry

Kids' dentistry is a specialized branch of dental care that focuses on providing oral health services to children. These services range from preventive measures such as regular checkups and fluoride treatments to treating cavities and performing minor restorative work. Kids' dentists at Dental Artistry are specially trained to treat children in the most comfortable manner possible, using kid-friendly materials and methods of treatment. They also understand the unique needs of younger patients, including their limited attention span, fear of needles or drills, or difficulty staying still during procedures.

With regular visits to our dentists, parents can help ensure their children have healthy teeth for life! When it comes to selecting a kids' dentist, parents should be sure they choose one who is experienced in pediatric dentistry and understands how best to provide care that meets their child's individual needs. Our dentists put an emphasis on prevention by establishing good oral hygiene habits at home & offering sealants and other preventative treatments as needed.

Treatments Under Kid’s Dentistry

  • Routine Check-Ups & Cleanings: We recommend that children visit the dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning. This helps us catch any potential dental problems early and prevent them from becoming more serious.
  • Dental Sealants: Dental sealants are a protective coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They help prevent cavities by sealing out food particles and bacteria.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. We offer fluoride treatments to help keep your child's teeth healthy and strong.
  • Fillings & Restorations: If your child does develop a cavity or other dental problem, we offer a range of restorative treatments to repair the damage and restore the tooth to its proper function.
  • Orthodontics: If your child needs braces or other orthodontic treatment, our team of orthodontic specialists can help. We offer a range of orthodontic services to help your child achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Questions Parent Should Ask The Dentist

  • When should I schedule my child's first dental visit?
  • How can I help my child maintain good oral hygiene?
  • Are there any specific dental issues I should know about as my child grows?
  • What should I do if my child experiences tooth pain or discomfort?
  • How often should my child have dental check-ups and cleanings?
  • Do you offer any specific treatments or procedures for children's dental health, such as sealants or fluoride treatments?
  • How can I help my child feel more comfortable during dental visits?

Kid's Dentistry

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease affecting children in the United States. It is five times more common than asthma. However, with proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups, tooth decay can be prevented or caught early, leading to better oral health outcomes for children.

Did You Know That The Tooth Fairy's Origins Can Be Traced Back To The Early 1900s In The United States When Parents Started Leaving Coins Under Their Children's Pillows In Exchange For Their Lost Baby Teeth? In Fact, The Average Payout From The Tooth Fairy Has Increased Over The Years, With Children Now Receiving An Average Of $4 Per Tooth In The United States.

Enhancing The Way You Smile

Looking for dental help? Our dental team is always ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


Q: When should a child first visit the dentist?

Q: How often should a child have dental check-ups?

Q: How can I help my child feel less anxious about going to the dentist?

Q: Why are baby teeth important if they will fall out anyway?

Q: Can children get cavities even if they brush and floss regularly?


Kid's dentistry is an important part of a child's overall health and well-being. Taking the time to teach kids good oral hygiene habits while they are young ensures that they will have healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. Additionally, regular checkups with our dentists at Dental Artistry can help detect any potential problems early on so that treatment can be started quickly and effectively. With proper care, children can keep their smiles bright and healthy for years to come!

I just recently received treatment for a broken tooth, and I got to say that I have found a dentist for life. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They treat you like family and quite frankly I got to say that I was terrified of going to the dentist always and now I think that I’m very comfortable knowing that I’m in good hands. I would recommend dental artistry to anybody that is looking for a very professional and family environment. Awesome!
Milton Pascua
Not a dentist appointment fan, but here they made sure I felt at ease and comfortable. I had the most comprehensive new-patient exam and left knowing exactly what my options are. 100% recommended! Friendly, client-oriented, professional and knowledgeable staff. They know how to take care of patients who struggle with dental visits.
Karla Pino
To say I was impressed by the extremely thoughtful and professional service is an understatement. I have been to various dentist throughout my life and the women at Dental Artistry surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for a new dentist and you are not a fan of going to one in the first place, look no further. You will feel like you are at home and you will feel that you are cared for--because you are! They even have Netflix to watch on noise-cancelling headphones while you are getting your treatment (in case you don't like the sound of the tools on your teeth).
Valentina Charria
My experience with Dental Artistry has been lovely. All the women that work there are kind, friendly, and professional. After years of avoiding the dentist, I needed to have significant work done. The treatment has been painless and quick.
Jordan Dominguez
You know how you can sometimes be skeptical when you see an overwhelming number of positive reviews on a company's website? Especially when some comments seem too enthusiastic to be true? Well, those are the kind of reviews I was reading on the Dental Artistry site so I decided to drive to their office in Irving to check them out. I was so impressed I signed up for an appointment that very day. Since then I've had some procedures done and am working with them on a plan for my long-term dental care.
Dotty Umphress
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