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All You Need To Know About Root Canals

root canal treatment

Root canals are a common procedure that can provide long-term benefits. It can help you avoid tooth extractions while also maintaining the structure of your teeth. Are you getting a root canal soon? Say goodbye to your worries. Our dentists at Dental Artistry have answered all of your questions in this blog. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Root Canal?

In the beginning, we must first understand what a root canal is. A root canal is an endodontic procedure that involves the removal of damaged pulp from our teeth. If you have infected pulp, a root canal treatment will be your only option.  Root canal therapy will improve the health of your teeth and prevent tooth loss.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of A Root Canal?

In the early stages, you may not notice any symptoms. However, you could suffer from a lot of pain if it spreads. You may notice some of the indicators described below as the infection develops and becomes worse.

  • Intense pain in your tooth
  • Swollen tissues
  • A burning sensation inside your mouth

What Is The Duration For A Root Canal?

Do you want to know how long a root canal takes? Your procedure can be completed in only one appointment with your Irving dentist. However, the exact time will be determined by the state of your affected tooth. It may take up to two hours to complete the procedure. If it is taking longer for you to recover then a second visit to your dentist in Irving is necessary.

When Should You Go For A Root Canal?

You should seek immediate medical attention if you are in intense pain and find that your teeth have become inflamed. You could have an infected pulp, in which case a root canal is your only alternative. A failure to treat the abscess in a timely manner could result in an abscess and lead to subsequent difficulties.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root canal therapy is almost painless. Your Irving dentist will administer an anesthetic during the treatment. During the procedure, you will notice no pain and can enjoy the intense root canal pain you had been experiencing for so long. With slight swelling and discomfort, root canal pain is mild. This pain is manageable and can be controlled with medicines. It lasts for a short time. Have you been avoiding your visits with your Irving dentist thinking about root canal pain? Forget about your worries and go for your root canal procedure today!

We hope all your root canal queries have been answered in this blog. Looking for the best root canal treatment in Irving, TX? Book an appointment with us at Dental Artistry and enjoy the best dental care services.