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When You Should Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Dental Emergency care

Dental emergencies can happen at any time without any proper warning. Most people are often confused about what to term a dental emergency. Our dentists at Dental Artistry are committed to educating their clients. Several situations have been listed below which will help you to understand when to visit your emergency dentist. Your favorite Irving dentist has got your back!

Broken Tooth

Your teeth could break due to several reasons such as an accident or due to some injury. However, the crack could expand and cause severe damage to the affected area. It is best to attend to your fractured tooth without any delay. Rush to your emergency dentist in Irving and provide it the attention it needs. Additionally, you can use certain home remedies to keep the pain at bay. However, you must consult your dentist to determine their safety.

Moving Teeth

Do your teeth seem loose? Do they wobble quite often? This could be the sign of some deep-rooted infection and usually, they can wreak havoc when they spread to the surrounding teeth. It is best to consult your Irving dentist to determine the cause of your moving teeth and treat it accordingly.

Sensitive Teeth

Do you suffer from a painful jab in your mouth whenever you eat something very hot or very cold? This ringing pain is usually known as dentin sensitivity and most of us tend to ignore it. Wondering why are your teeth sensitive? Well, it is caused when your enamel has rapidly eroded and your dentin has been exposed. This could be a sign of other oral health conditions.  If your special toothpaste is not working, then you must pay a visit to your emergency dentist in Irving.

Inflamed Gums

Swollen gums are an indicator of other dental issues that you might be suffering from. It could be a warning sign of a root canal infection or gingivitis. Visit your Irving dentist instead of speculating the cause of the inflammation.

Bleeding Gums

Sometimes your gums could bleed due to the application of excessive pressure while brushing or flossing. If that is not the case then you must visit your emergency dentist in Irving. Bleeding gums are often one of the earliest symptoms of gum disease. Leaving it untreated could cause serious oral health complications in the future.

Lumps In Your Mouth

Unexplained lumps are a cause of worry and usually indicate that something is wrong with your body. They could form anywhere inside your oral cavity and create a lot of difficulties. Consult your emergency dentist in Irving in such situations and get it examined immediately.

Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscesses can be very painful and require immediate attention. You could have a fever, excessive tooth pain, and notice nodules around your neck. These are pockets of pus that could aggravate and spread to the rest of your mouth. These could also affect the bones leading to jaw-joint disorders. The infection has the potential to spread to your entire body and ultimately affect your overall health as well. You must not delay in such situations and bring it to the notice of your emergency dentist in Irving without fail.

We hope this blog helps you to make informed choices regarding your dental emergencies. Looking for the best emergency dental services in Irving, TX? Contact us at Dental Artistry and seek premium dental care.